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Apr 12, 09  0 Comments Site

Sorry for dissapearing, I had some unexpected computer problems and have been unable to update my sites. I’m back together with my laptop so updates from my side will return tomorrow! I got loads to add.

Feb 15, 09  4 comment Site

It took some time but the full site is finally up. I got the talented Natalie to make us an absolute beautiful layout, which I just love. But yeah surf around the site and let me know of any errors. Enjoy!

New Owner
Jan 14, 09  2 comment Appearances, Gallery, Magazine Scans, Site

Hello, I’m Connie the new owner of Halle Berry Fan – am a huge fan of Halle so I just couldn’t resist the chance of adopting this site I just always wanted to have a fansite dedicated to this absolute amazing actress. Well since the site has been more or less abandonned for almost a […]